Route de la Traversée, D23, BOUILLANTE
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Le Tapeur

Le Tapeur Adventure Park in Guadeloupe

The Le Tapeur Adventure Park opened in Guadeloupe in 2004. In the heart of the rainforest, on the route de la Traversée, it invites you for an unforgettable experience. The first course bears the symbolic and emblematic name of Le Tapeur. Named after none other than the Black Woodpecker, master of this place. A beautiful bird endemic of the archipelago and recognizable by the noise of its beak striking tree bark

Two years later, in 2006, two new family tracks were created:
– The Ti sucrier course for little ones
– The Fou-Fou course for sportier clientele
Both course names also honor those who populate the canopy of Le Tapeur… birds.

The fourth course was created in 2008, when the designer of Tapeur found a secret passage hidden in the heart of the forest. A beautiful sequence of ziplines allows visitors to fly through the canopy like birds. The Gli-Gli, named for the majestic bird of prey, follows a circular flight, and lends its name to another course: the Maxi Gli-Gli.

Finally, a year later the latest course born: La Trembleuse. Designed to take you ever higher with its monkey bridges taking delivering dizzying views, it is perfect for adventurous families. And if you listen closely on this walk, you will be able to hear the fairy song of the Grey Trembler. An intriguing site to see with its bright orange eyes and the tremble in the tips of its wings that lends this bird its name.

Les pistes familiales le Tapeur
le tapeur piste ti sucrier
Route de la Traversée, D23, BOUILLANTE