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Rules of procedure

Le Tapeur Adventure Park Guadeloupe

Each visitor must meet the minimum height requirement for the course of their choice:
TAPEUR and TREMBLEUSE courses : 1.30m and / or 8 years or older
MAXI GLI-GLI course : 1.40m and / or 10 years or older
FOU-FOU course (black course) : 1.50m, 50 kg and more than 16 years old. An instructor is mandatory.

As for the age and size of the children, the facilitators are professionals and will advise you. The FOU-FOU trail is not accessible as part of associative and school outings.

The FOU-FOU course is accessible only for departures at 9:00 am and 12:00 pm in July and August. The course must begin with either Le Tapeur or La Trembleuse.

The entrance fee is valid for two and a half hours of activity.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult when climbing in the trees. Pregnant women, people prone to vertigo, and people who weigh over 100 kg are not allowed to enter the course.

The course is strongly discouraged for people with heart problems, asthma, severe allergies, epilepsy or any other illness that may impact their visit. In all such cases, make sure to inform the facilitator at the start of the course.

Closed shoes both in front and back, and safe suitable clothing for participating in the activities are mandatory. Avoid: loose clothing, jewelry, hoods or clothes with cords.

Hair must be tied back and glasses must be on a strap. Remember to empty your pockets and, if possible, remove your jewelry. We are not responsible for items lost in the forest. Bags are prohibited on the course.

It is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat or litter on the course.

Anyone under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be denied entry to the park.

The facilitators reserve the right to refuse a person entry to a course or trail if they do not respect the rules and regulations. Any stoppage of activity following an intervention by the staff is final and entry fees will not be reimbursed.

The facilitators also reserve the right to suspend or interrupt activities in the event that a person puts themselves in danger or endangers another participant by not respecting the safety instructions.

The activity can be temporarily interrupted in case of bad weather or force majeure. The Fou-Fou course is closed during rainy weather.

In the context of school trips, association and partnership groups, we ask the supervisors, teachers, and parents of students to kindly accompany their children or their clients into the trees to participate in monitoring and compliance with safety instructions.

Here, you are at the gateway to Guadeloupe National Park. Respect the fauna and flora that surround us. For your safety do not touch the plants and stay on the trail.

You will be equipped with a harness, a pair of lanyards, a pulley mounted on a lanyard and a glove. This constitutes your personal material. It has been provided by the facilitator according to your template and the course you have chosen. Do not exchange it. If you must take off and/or adjust your harness, have it checked by a facilitator before going back on the course.

A facilitator will give you an introductory lesson. It is obligatory. You will then have to reproduce scrupulously the safety gestures that were shown to you during this lesson. Failure to comply with the safety rules will result in the definitive cessation of the activity, for your safety and that of others. You are expected to be an active and responsible participant in the introductory lesson.

Thank you for your understanding. Have fun!!!!

The team
Route de la Traversée, D23, BOUILLANTE